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Traditional Neurofeedback

Traditional neurofeedback, although simpler than other methods, is a straightforward and effective form of treatment. Traditional neurofeedback utilizes the raw data of an EEG detected from 2-4 sensors strategically placed on the scalp. Some examples of traditional neurofeedback include SMR or Sensorimotor Rhythm training, Inhibit/enhance training, and Alpha/Theta training.
SMR training is a linear activity where the client is asked to increase the amplitude of sensorimotor rhythms on the motor strip of the brain. When the client produces SMR amplitudes that rise above a threshold designated by the clinician an audio tone sounds or visual cues brighten. When the amplitudes fall below a threshold the tone gets softer or the visuals dim. This type of neurofeedback has also been adapted to videogame modules for younger aged clients. Over several sessions self-defeating behaviors such as restlessness or inattention begin to remediate. This same process is true for Inhibit/enhance training.


The goal of Alpha/Theta neurofeedback specifically aims to produce Theta waves that are greater in amplitude than Alpha waves. This alpha/theta amplitude ratio has the effect of moving the client into a deeply relaxed state that is an internal experience close to that of the beginning stages of falling asleep. Alpha/Theta training has been an effective therapy for traumatic stress as well as addiction, and typically uses audio feedback tones while the client sits in a comfortable recliner with their eyes closed.

Types Of Neurofeedback
Learn about the various types of Neurofeedback we offer


The term Neurofeedback is a general term for brain-based (EEG) biofeedback. However, there are many different types of neurofeedback, each with it’s own method of assessment, targeted brain states, treatment and sets of outcomes. Click here to learn about the specific conditions we treat.


Below are some descriptions of the various types of neurofeedback interventions offered at Elite Brain Performance and Neurofeedback.

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