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Z-Score Training

Types Of Neurofeedback
Learn about the various types of Neurofeedback we offer


The term Neurofeedback is a general term for brain-based (EEG) biofeedback. However, there are many different types of neurofeedback, each with it’s own method of assessment, targeted brain states, treatment and sets of outcomes. Click here to learn about the specific conditions we treat.


Below are some descriptions of the various types of neurofeedback interventions offered at Elite Brain Performance and Neurofeedback.

Z-Score Training


Z-Score training is a specific type of neurofeedback  that utilizes the brain activity collected from your QEEG (reference brain mapping above). Once a sample of your brain’s electrical activity is quantified it is then compared to an age-normed database. By comparing your QEEG to an age-normed baseline (a z-score) we can begin to assess whether your baseline levels of brain function are in any way out of balance (hyper- or hypoactive, under or over connected). The clinician then uses this comparison to establish specific Z-score training protocols. In this type of neurofeedback, the brain is provided with a “reward” when a normative range of brain function is produced. When the brain produces activity that falls outside of this normative range, no “reward” is provided. These rewards can involve a number of different cues including auditory tones, or visual cues of the dimming/brightening of a movie screen or video game. . Over time, the brain learns to produce activity within the rewarded target range. Z-score training can involve anywhere from 2 to 20 sensors (full head) depending on the comparative results and protocols created by the clinician.

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