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Client Testimonials 

American Football

"When I first started Neurofeedback with Chris and Elite Brain Performance, I thought it was just to help increase my focus, but it has done so much more than that. I am a student-Athlete that plays football at the Division 1 level, so managing school, football and personal activities can be challenging. Neurofeedback has helped me not only increase my focus, but it has opened my mind to look at football in a new way that is effective for me. It has helped me change my habits and change how I do things in my life. I am extremely grateful to have had this training."


Israel A.  Oklahoma City, OK

16 Feb 2021

Here you go....


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I’ve worked with therapists and coaches to address different things over the years. I grew in numerous ways. Additionally, I gained significant insight and coping mechanisms in the different areas I was working through both in my personal and professional life.

However, something felt amiss, I wasn’t making progress in some areas. I struggled with procrastination and performing at the level I aspired to. I realized I repeatedly kept getting in my own way. Neurofeedback training seemed like a good next step. The brain scan revealed key information. My brain wasn’t utilizing resources effectively. Kind of like all the traffic was concentrated to one or two lanes despite there being many other lanes open. The training sessions started in August/September and ran about 5 months. With the retraining, the results were gradual. I noticed subtle then major improvements after the training sessions. It felt like I’d previously operated with blinders that had now been removed. I could clearly see where I was getting in my own way and why. I began handling things differently, sometimes it felt like there was an instant correction on an initial reaction to handle/approach a situation like I had previously. In other instances, it seemed like there was a debate between the old way of doing things and a new better way, other times it felt like a tug of war, but there was a level of awareness that wasn’t there previously.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed…it’s almost as though my brain has been auto correcting especially in the areas that have been a struggle. There a continued laser focus to handle things differently and more efficiently. Its almost like when you set a New Years’ resolution, but better, because my brain won’t let me forget what that resolution is, so in spite of the last treatment being less than 2 months ago, my brain has been on a mission to do things differently.  It’s been a very interesting, but growth filled journey so far.

I would recommend neurofeedback training to anyone that’s looking for an effective way to work through performance challenges, anxiety, fear, though quite frankly, I think it could benefit anyone and everyone. You gain insight into areas that can take years in traditional therapy in a very short amount of time. But, most importantly, you tap into your brain’s natural capacity to utilize resources more effectively while helping you in your journey through life.  

Nduta M.  Oklahoma City Ok, August 2021

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