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Sports Performance / Peak Performance 

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When thinking about Neurofeedback most would assume that it is most suitable for those who have neurological issues or some form of a mental disability. Although Neurofeedback has its roots in being a reliable treatment modality for ADHD and Epilepsy, neurofeedback has the ability to improve the high performing brain. Whether you are a high school athlete, collegiate athlete, professional athlete, CEO of a company, or an individual that's looking to get a competitive edge.


At EBP, Using qEEG Brain mapping, we are able to identify low or high brainwave activity which may cause issues related to the inability to focus, mental fatigue, and/or inability to properly manage stress. If the individual is not able to regulate these issues, it can negatively impact the performance. With a  treatment regimen according to your specific goals and the way your individual brain performs, Neurofeedback has the ability to:


  • Increase focus                       

  • Improve Coordination           

  • Improve sleep 

  • Increase mental energy.     

  • Improve Impulse control     

  • Increase mental flexibility 

Attention and Focus

Sports Performance places heavy demands on the brain to focus while ignoring distracting stimuli. Different sports place different demands on the brain overall, the ability to be attentive and focused would directly impact an individual's performance in a healthy manner. Neurotherapy improves a person's ability to stay on task while maintaining a high level of brain function. 

Neurofeedback Training for Peak Performance - Athletes, Alpha, and the Mental Edge

Neurofeedback Training for Peak Performance - Athletes, Alpha, and the Mental Edge

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